Why Broccoli

It is personal experience website, rather than scientific based articles library. And that’s what I should point out straight in the beginning. I want to share with the public my results after starting consuming broccoli. First let me tell you that I was obese, began having health issues and started looking very bad. After several bronchitis and starting heart rate issue, I told my self : Hey, why are you ruining your life? You should change your habits and start eating healthy. I stopped consuming raw meat, processed meat and white bread. Several mounts later I lost 7 kg of weight, do not have any issues with breathing and my heart rate dropped down to the normal rate.

Broccoli is not all the magic pill but it is main part of my diet. No, it is actually not a diet but a new , healthy way of life. Because as my mother used to say : almost all illnesses are caused by the food and all of them can be healed with food. So I created this blog around the broccoli topic and health benefits that I experienced since I started consuming them. Hope you will enjoy It.

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